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The following are a few of the situations brought to our attention by the agencies with whom we work.  Statutory funding is not available for these situations and the urgency of the individual cases means it is impossible for the agencies to find funds immediately from elsewhere.  In so many cases we support working families that are beset by ill health or redundancy, families that are trying hard to support themselves but who are so close to the edge that it takes very little to tip them into a situation where ends just don’t meet.

We know that in improving the lives of these families that there are long term benefits not only for them but also for the communities in which they live.  You’ll see that our support alongside the amazing work of the health and education professionals is simple.  It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference – some bedding, some additional food, basic clothing.  It doesn’t take much to restore the basic needs for a warm, safe environment in which a child can thrive.

  • Twin girls were moved into a safe house in this area. The girls had been sexually abused   Counselling was provided by the local authority for the girls but travel costs were not included – the counsellor came from Gloucester weekly.  We provided funding to cover travel expenses and some much needed new clothing and toys.
  • A mother and her young child were moved into a rural village after their father left them to fend for themselves. The mother became depressed and attempted suicide.  A mental health team were mobilised to support them.  The traumatised child was asked if there was anything that she needed and she explained that she loved and missed her piano lessons.  The professionals felt that music therapy would greatly help her recovery.  We paid for a series of piano lessons.
  • A young mother with a toddler had escaped a very violent relationship and moved into our catchment area. She lived in an almost empty house without floor covering for six months until she came to the attention of a health visitor through registering her child as unwell with a local GP.  The mother had not registered for benefits as she was terrified that her ex-partner would find her.  We provided clothing for mum and child, toiletries, household goods, some toys and food as an interim measure until she could obtain state support.
  • A Parent Support Officer called us to tell us of a little boy on the autistic spectrum whose father had tragically died suddenly. The father was the main person with whom the boy communicated and they had shared a special bond.  Mum was understandably struggling with her grief whilst supporting her traumatised little boy.  Mum had found a suitable play centre which understood the needs of her son and where he could go to be with children his own age and who could help him start to deal with his grief.  It also provided some space for her in which she could do her own grieving.  We paid for his place at the play centre as a key part of his therapy.
  • On several occasions we have been asked to provide bedding for young children who have been coming to school too sleepy to study as they are cold at night, sleeping under little more than a thin sheet. Duvets are available at supermarkets for as little as £11 – we make sure that they get to the children within 24 hours.
  • Domestic violence has become an increasing issue in the area. The fleeing parent, if they are fortunate, is found accommodation away from the abusive partner and takes the children with them.  Whilst they are no longer subject to the abuse, the new accommodation frequently has little or no furniture, cooking facilities, bedding etc.  We source furniture from organisations who recycle unwanted furnishings provide something to cook on so that they can provide a warm meal for their children and ensure that they have somewhere warm to sleep with beds and bedding.

North Cotswold Community Awareness is a Registered Charity Number 1175482


This testimonial was received from Parent Support Advisor who works in local primary schools

“Words cannot tell you what a difference you have made.  For me as a professional I would be unable to do my job as effectively if I did not have you to turn to.  For me to be able to console and reassure my families, who are at rock bottom and despairing, that I am able to access your help, is invaluable.  You prevent adult mental health from deteriorating further which has a direct impact on their parenting and ability to cope and to see a future.  I have families you have supported in past years who are now back on their feet and helping others, rather than needing help themselves.

Thank you to you all, your hard work, effort and commitment is very much appreciated and I am indebted to you all”

Liz Hamilton



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